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Monday, November 16, 2009

Saturday in D.C.

This Saturday, my family did an unprecedented thing and went to D.C. for a little family day to unwind and just do something together. We never go to D.C. even living thirty minutes away from the district. It sounds silly with so many things to see and events to see, but after the Spy Museum melt down last year we have not been back. However, I think my attitude of going down there has changed per our most recent trip.

My husband had an idea of going to the American History Museum. He had never been there and I have not been there in ages but remembered it to be pretty cool and fun. Plus it was stroller friendly unlike the spy museum. All Smithsonian museums (at least that I know of) are stroller friendly. THANK GOD! We were even more surprised to see how relatively empty D.C. was, which made it a whole lot more enjoyable. The museum was great and we got to see all sort of things that my son really loved even at the young age of two. There were trains, boats, cars, rail cars, Kermit the frog, the ruby slippers and it even had a fun kid center. We did not get to see everything as my son was wearing down and so were we, but we are certainly planning on going back in the near future. It was totally worth it and it was FREE (except parking/lunch).

My husband and I are also thinking of where we will go on our next visit to D.C. Perhaps the Natural History Museum? I know there is a aquarium somewhere there. Who knows?

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