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Thursday, November 12, 2009


Have you ever thought if someone could hear your thoughts that they would probably think you're insane? Let me take a step back (or two) and say as a Mom, how many random thoughts...random things go through your head all day, every day're a Mom. I gave myself somewhat of an assignment today in "getting into my head". The assignment was, when I not thinking about my assignment (because it wouldn't count), that when I would come up with random thoughts I would remind myself after I catch it to write it down. Make sense? Here it goes readers, the thoughts of a Mom today:

...this rain sucks. Reminds me of Twilight. Man thats dorky.

...La la lala La La la lala Elmo's World. AHHHHH!

...Forgot to bring food again, damn no money...

...Man that guy is an asshole. Who does not say hello back?

...Should I go to the grocery store? Man I really don't want to.

...Please God...don't let me get a phone call today from day care.

...Diapers...remember diapers...

...That was inappropriate.

...Haha...she farted.

...This guy talks way too much about chili.

...Could really go for some PF Changs...too expensive.

...This pen tapper needs to stop tapping his pen before I throw my whole container of pens at him.

...I need to fold the laundry...or should I clean the living room. I'm not going to do it tonight.

...I miss my Mom.

...La la lala La La la lala Elmo's World. Think of another song...C is for cookie...

...I hate rain.

...Is that my husband? It is!

...Should I make wreath cookies? Its on.

...My husband's hot. He's got some Fred Flinstone feet. How does that go together?...

...Boyd's Bear this weekend? Would that help me unwind or stress me out.

That is the end of my assignment. Sounded more fun then when it actually wrote itself out, so maybe it may be the most boring post but its my random thoughts

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