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Monday, November 2, 2009

Five Years Ago

Inspired tonight by an article I read earlier in the month about how much things change over the years. One year is all the time in the world to make a difference. Its just amazing how much can change. So in dedication to this post, I wanted to write about what life was like during different stages of my life and I invite you to do the same and perhaps project where you see yourself as well in 1, 5 and 10 year increments.

One year ago...

...I was new to my job and found out it was ending in a few months.

...My little guy was one and a half and just started walking.

...I was still wearing maternity pants.

...Still slept in a queen sized bed (king is so is it nice)

Five years ago...

...I just graduated college and started on my first full time job.

...I BOUGHT my first car (a Chrysler Crossfire).

...I still lived with my parents.

...My husband still lived with his parents and they were still together.

Ten years ago...

...I was a senior in high school.

...I barely knew who my husband was nor did I like him.

...Was a size four or even smaller and thought I looked fat (haha)

...I was one of those teenagers that hung out at a less populated Reston Town Center.

Now for my predictions of the future...haha.

One year from now...

...Of had my son in some sort of speech therapy to better his speech.

...Have most of the debt that needs to be paid off, paid off.

...Get at least one of the major house projects completed even if its just painting.

...Start transitioning my son to a big boy bed.

Five years from now...

...(God willing)would of had a few more kids.

...Ben would be in elementary school...YIKES.

...Hopefully have the Great Grandparents (Hubby's side) live in Virginia.

Ten years from now...

...Can I say I'll be old? LOL. Just joking

...Have an almost teenager.

...Hopefully planning a fun vacation with my hoard of children.

...Being as wonderfully in love with my husband as I am now.

...Maybe a new house, but honestly still happy where I am now.

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