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Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm The Type of Mom

I'm the type of Mom...

~that when I find a car toy in my pocket, it makes me smile.

~that can somehow manage to sit at a kid picnic bench and color with oversize crayons.

~that lets her kid lick the bowl because that is just fun...and yummy.

~that can dance ridiculous moves along side my toddler with the windows open and neighbors watching.

~that makes up silly songs just to make my little guy smile.

~that procrastinates on things for me but is proactive with things for my little man.

~that lets my kid play with Christmas decorations even after spending forever putting them up.

~that always remembers the special things that my son loves...pacifiers and his monkey.

~that works hard just to provide for my family.

~that will order something different on the menu for my guy because I know he'll like it more.

~that looks forward to every pick up because it brings such beautiful smiles.

~that researches fun activities and takes my son to them even when I'm tired.

~that is proud for my son's accomplishments more so then anything I have ever accomplished.

~that will protect my son above anything and all things even if it means sacrifice.

~that will watch countless episodes of Sesame Street throughout the week instead of tuning into shows I like. Sesame Street + 3. Oprah -3.

~that will spend whatever money I have on my son, then husband and lastly me and I love doing it.

~that will build countless lego towers only to have them knocked down by Godzilla baby.

~that contemplated kicking a goats ass (a literal goat) because he threatened to hurt my son.

~that blows so many bubbles on bubble days that it gives me headaches...thinking about investing in a bubble machine.

~that finds new ideas and writes them buying that crayola crayon maker.

~that will admit that I am not super Mom, even though other Moms pretend to be.

~that shrugs my shoulders at a mustard stain on one arm and ketchup on the other. I haven't worn a shirt that didn't get stained by food for over two years...I'm over having a clean one.

~that doesn't mind when my son wants to copy every morning routine I do. I can't tell you how many times I have put on fake deodorant, fake foundation, fake eyeliner and fake lip stick on him. At least he is willing to brush his teeth and that is fine with me. Plus one for Mom!

~that can look at my son and look at my husband and see the man my son will grow to be...confident. I am still wondering if he'll have my husband's patience.

~that is determined to show my son culture, respect people and not be intolerant of people just because they are different.

~that doesn't care what my son's chosen profession will be, as long as he is happy and its legal.

~that remembers to smile even when having a bad day. Kids shouldn't know adult stresses.

~that has never taken a mental health day for me but has taken LOTS with my son. He's a spectacular date.

~that loves nothing but a good nap with my little sleeping boy snuggled by my side.

~that reminds my son his manners even if he doesn't vocalize them, he can sign them.

~that prays with my son daily.

~that will share (however sadly) my last bit of favorite dessert.

~that remembers that kids should get messy and should get messy with food, mud, paint, and everything else. A peck of dirt never hurt.

~that knows even if I clean up every thing, tomorrow it will look like I never did a thing. Welcome to the eternal house of mess, but it is a fun mess.

~that sees what works for one family won't necessarily work for mine.

~that can now say that some of the things on television is annoyingly inappropriate for kids, even those on demand commercials.

~that will sit outside on a cold Fall day after collecting several acorns only to throw them back in the same direction I got them from.


What type of Mom are you?

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