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Monday, November 2, 2009


Have you ever asked a parent when they were expecting or just had a child what their child's name was and cringed a bit? I had that experience over the weekend. I cringed and I feel bad for it. Of course I bit my lip (after the cringe) and wished the parents well on their new little bundle of joy.

Obviously I am happy for any parent to welcome a new child but I need to stop asking about names and find some other question to make small talk with acquaintances. I could hate the name because it happens to be the same name of the slut who stole my eighth grade boyfriend or the guy who wore a cape everyday at school. Perhaps the reason these people named their child "X" is because it is a family name or a name they've always loved. Who knows?

There are just perfectly good names in my book that I could just never use. I love the name Zach. If I had another son could I name my son that? No. That would be weird since my husband stole me away from a guy that has that name. I also love the name least I did. Jon and Zach were my two favorite names growing up. I named my male barbie dolls with those names! Nothing against my friend's husband (who is also my friend), but my son currently has the same name of another friend's husband who happens to be in the same group of friends. I can't very well go down the line and name my sons (if I have more sons) with the same names as my best girlfriends husbands. It is a bit weird. I would almost feel obligated to name any other sons after my single friends find their husbands. What if their names were Jedidiah or Jamal? I would have to use nicknames like Jedi (it would be a must...come on) and Jam. Just joking, but you get the point.

Again, not their fault I hate their daughter's name. They are very good people. Lovely people. I just cringe at her name, but I'll get used to it. Maybe she'll make the name lovely again as other names have been "reborn" to me in a different light after meeting good people.

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