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Thursday, November 12, 2009


When I was pregnant and found out I was having a little boy, I couldn't be more excited. I remember like it was yesterday my husband pointing to the screen, before the ultrasound tech ever said anything about the sex, saying "Boy, boy, boy!!!!" I have never seen my husband so excited. He really wanted a son, as for me I didn't care either way as having either would start a great adventure in parenting...little that I knew.

Boys are so different then girls even at an early age. There's that obvious thing of needing to change diapers quickly before you get peed on, but there is just a difference in the way they play, act, etc., It isn't like I am pushing my son to do "all boy things" and "girl things" are not allowed. He has a kitchen set, uses his grocery cart as a stroller, etc., There has also been a time or two where I forgot to bring extra clothes when visiting my Mom and he has gone home in some awesome 80's outfit that I wore during my child hood...lets not forget those adorable pink/purple sweat pants. Did I care? No. Maybe some Moms...more so Dads would care, but really my husband and I don't. Boys and girls are just different.

Yesterday my son came over to me in his cute little Janie and Jack, long sleeved train shirt. He had a grin on his face as I watched him pull his arm into his sleeve. I wondered what he was up to and asked him what he was doing and where his arm was. He looked at me bright eyed, gave a huge grin and popped his arm so quickly out of his sleeve it surprised me so I shrieked. Its like he knew what he was doing all along...lets see if I can "get Mom" and make her scream. Why do boys like to gross out girls or surprise them just to see what their reaction would be? Of course I think toddlers all like to see what their parents reaction would be, but for me its nothing less then what his Nagypapa (my son's Grandfather) would do. He would pester, tease and love seeing if he can get a reaction out me or my Mom. That is an innate boy thing. It just is.

What have you found that just makes little girls and boys different?

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