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Friday, November 20, 2009

Adios Bibs!

Much to my dismay, bibs are now a distant memory in my house. It is not the fact that I decided to part with them, but more so my son refuses to wear them now...even when eating the messiest of foods. For me, I was not ready to give up that baby item quite yet.

It surprised me at first to be honest with my son's refusal to wear them. I thought he just did not like the disposable bibs while we were out one day at a restaurant. Come to find the next day, he did not want to wear the bibs we used at home either. It looks like I'll be learning new ways of fighting stains and needing to remember more so then usual to always pack an extra shirt while we are out of the house.

Has your kid weened YOU off a baby item that you weren't ready to give up yet?

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