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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sweet Nothings Means Something

Last night after an emotionally draining day, I sat down with my family and watched some sort of sequel to Beauty and the Beast. I remember as a kid loving Belle and really related to her as I had a love of books like she did and I too had that awesome brown hair unlike so many of the princesses before her. My son and I were happy. I think my husband could of easily taken a leisurely nap, but was patient as usual.

After the movie was over (much to the applause of my husband), my son wanted to play with his lego blocks. Typically it is a cry of a demand, but this time he used his words, which was awesome (we are having speech issues). He looked up at me with his puppy dog eyes and said, "Mama, down" and pointed to the floor. I asked for a "please" since we don't want a demanding toddler (haha...easier said then done) and he did his little sign language for "more" which apparently equals to "please" as well. He used his words to the best of his little ability and so I graciously told him I would be happy to. After all, how much longer is it going to be cool to play with Mom? My son was so delighted, he just ran up to me and gave me a big ole hug and was so excited. Its not like I don't play with him as I obviously do, but for some reason he was thrilled more so then usual. I smiled back as I hugged him, with tears forming around my eyes and was so grateful for that short but sweet moment in time.

It was a little moment, a little piece of "sweet nothing" that meant so much to me after a crappy day of poop the world decided to serve that day. Its amazing to me as a Mom how a such a little person full of energy, amazement and wonder can just make your heart flutter. These are the days that I enjoy. The little things. The moments when the simplest things from a child can fill your heart right back up again. Children truly are magical creatures.

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