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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Portraits...not for the weak or tired

Yesterday per my request, my husband made an appointment to get a family portrait done and a few of our son. Not only have I been wanting to get them, but both sets of Grandparents are asking for them as well. I owed them and myself since I haven't gotten real pictures done with the entire family since my son was six months old. Am I a slacker? Maybe, but it just was not at the top of my list.

So after a rather delicious meal at Pei Wei (which is so much better then having to wait/pay extra at P.F Changs for the SAME exact food), we headed over to the portrait place. I was glad to see there were not a whole lot of families in there as I was worried what type of circus I may be encountering when I got there. When it comes to portrait just never know.

As expected my son was not as easy this go-around when taking portraits. Last time we were in there he wasn't mobile so plopping him in an area was quite easy. Thankfully the camera girl had a helper which flirted and played with my son (she was blond so he liked that) and we were able to get a few decent shots. I was praying beforehand to just get one decent family photo and one decent photo of my son. I was praying like crazy as I smiled away at the girl that this would happen while trying to hold down the squirmiest little toddler that ever walked into the place.

Once we were done with the photo session (took about 80 photos) my husband and I were hoping that a nearby lego table would entertain my little boy for a while. It last five minutes. So in between me running after him and okaying pictures, then switching off with my husband so I could take a gander we finally nailed down some decent pictures and my prayers for having some decent photos were answered. We walked out without waiting for our pictures to be processed, but at least we had six good portraits done.

So my advice to you parents when taking your family if you have toddlers is get them done WAY before Thanksgiving and if you're lucky enough to have a helper volunteer to join you then bring them too.

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