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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Boyd's Bear Here We Come!

Much to my surprise my amazing husband has agreed that this weekend we will take the family up to Boyds Bear in Gettysburg, PA and I am so excited! Not only is a fun day trip which is something I REALLY need at the moment, but it is something new to do and have fun with. Plus, I can't wait until I see my little guy's expression when we walk through the doors of this place. It is HUGE!

For anyone that has not been to Boyds Bear it is a pretty cool place to see and I have seen nothing like it. I believe there are at least three levels of bear stuff with bottom basement level being a cafeteria. There are build a bear (or dog) work shops, lots to see and if the men you bring get bored...there is a room to park them in (literally).

Another reason I really love going there is the scenic view. The store is a large barn located on a large plot of beautiful land. We aren't planning on doing much else while we are there, but if you really want a busy day out of it then you can always go to the historic areas of Gettysburg to just see what there is to see.

I think getting out, doing new things for me just really lifts up my spirits and creates a fun family bonding activity. The nice thing is, once we are all tire...the baby will have a nice nap on the scenic ride home.

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