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Friday, October 9, 2009

~The Search Begins!

A week or so ago, as expected, the current contract that I am on lost the recompete. As most NOVA people know, this means your job has ended. It was expected, but nevertheless still a hard blow.

I can almost profess myself as a job squatter, which means if I get a job I could very well stay forever. I almost did not leave the last job I was at. I was comfortable, knew my surroundings, new the people and loved my boss. But with an extensive (and I mean extensive) pay raise taking on another job was something I could not resist. I do everything for my family now days, which means going out of my comfort zone.

I loathe searching for a job...especially in this economy. Thankfully this area is better off then most of the country, but is a pain. It leaves you feeling stressed out, worthless and almost overwhelmed at the end of the day. Thankfully I have some time to look, but I also am not a very patient person as this effects the VERY being of what is most important to family.

I am sure something will come along soon and this feeling of crud will be something of the past, but I worry. I worry about how this will effect everything in my family's life. I'm trying and I hope to God that something comes along soon.

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da Mamma said...

I'm sorry your contract is coming to an end. Are they not willing to try and move you to another contract? Good luck in your search. We, too, just laid off a bunch of people when one of our contracts ended. We are losing one of the two assistants in CM.