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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hello Fall!

This morning I got that first of the year wake up when I did NOT want to get out of bed due to a chilly room. I wanted to stay nice and snug under the blankets with my hubby and son, but this Mama had to work. I started to lazily get out of bed but felt the cold smack me on my back and ran quickly to put on the clothes I laid out the night before. I sighed as I put a long sleeve, red Ann Taylor Loft shirt and was the first time I had to wear socks and long sleeves to work after a wonderfully warm summer had its last hoorah last week. Last night, it came time to put my cute open toe dress shoes and summery dress shirts away. I find that depressing each year. I am a girl that loves the summer.

Thankfully my husband had gotten up to dress my son (he does 99% of the time on work mornings) and he too was dressed in an nice warm, waffle weave, long sleeve shirt with cute, little baby sweat pants that are a tad bit too big on him. He's at that stage where he is in-between a size where 2T month pants for the most part are too short and 3T are too long. We left this morning both wearing jackets and was again reintroduced to the cold air as we made our way out the door. My son and I walked briskly to the car and I was thankful that my husband had raked up the piles of leaves the day before so I didn't have to worry about slipping on them going down the sidewalk steps while holding the most precious thing in the world.

I had an easy drop off to day care as my son literally pulled me all the way into his classroom but then played it off that he was dis-interested once he arrived. He does that. He will be all excited about something like his Dad coming home or going to school and then have that attitude like some teenager playing it "cool". I kissed my son goodbye as he sat down next to his little girlfriend and made my way out the door.

I drove to work and silently cursing the increased traffic now that school is in progress and buses that crowd the roadways. It literally adds fifteen more minutes on to what should be a thirty minute commute. I hate commuting...I hate rush hour...

So with all that said, hello Fall. Hello to the chilly mornings, long sleeve shirts, jackets, closed toed shoes, fall leaves, and increased traffic. If it wasn't for awesome things like apple cider, fun fall festivities, Halloween, family birthdays and holiday time approaching, I think I would loathe you.

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