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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Slacking Holiday Mom

I have a confession to make. I haven't put up any decorations or really gotten prepared for this Christmas season. Yes, I have been a bad Mommy. I do have some excuses such that I have been sick and keeping up with the regular household duties while working full time is hard enough with a toddler. But since my son is realizing more and more about whats going on around him, I should probably do something with the house, but where do I find the time and the energy?

I am sure all Moms struggle with the fact that time is precious and there is way too little of it. When you are working and finally get home with your little ones in tow, time is even more pressed to do all the things that you want to do. I fully believe in the saying:

"There will be years for cleaning and cooking.
But children grow up when your not looking.
So settle down cobwebs.
Dust go to sleep.
I'm cuddling my baby.
And babies don't keep."

I have seen how this saying relates to my life first hand. My son who has just grown up so much doesn't want to be held really or cuddled that much. No, he is way too busy wanting to play tag or bang blocks together. Sure there are those few seconds where he will just be with me, but I could never anticipate how quickly he would grow. So I have been slacking on household chores while I spend time playing tag, peek a boo, parachute (he loves doing this with blankets) and doing the other necessary things like dinner, bath time and the night time routine. Finally after he is asleep, I have a few minutes to tidy up, spend some "me time" (that is very much needed) and chat with my husband for a bit before its time to go to sleep and repeat the same routine again tomorrow.

I guess I am wishing that little elves would come and do my Christmas decorating. One could hope right? But I have to get this done. It just doesn't seem like Christmas without having things put around the house to remind you of that holiday cheer. There is just something about having that Christmas tree put up, my German nativity scene placed in the dining room and odds and ends that just make the whole season that much more magical and fun.

As parents do you struggle with getting those extras done in your house during different holiday seasons?

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