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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This year really has flown by. It started a little rough with switching my son to a different day care, but in the end it worked out perfectly as my little guy is thriving and making great strides in learning his preschool curriculum and speech development. Our year was certainly full of fantastic highlights as not only is our son doing well and I have a new job, but we will be welcoming a daughter also in the New Year. During this time of year, one really reflects on the importance of family and although my family means just as much to me throughout the year, the holiday season is a wonderful reminder how much family really means to you. Since my family is the purpose for this post, I decided to write a little blurb/reflection on each of them.

My Son:

One thing I would like to reflect on as being important in my family life is that my little guy and I have a routine every night after our prayers and after we bless our usual list/modified list of special prayers, we always thank God for the thing we were able to do or accomplish that day. Sometimes it is meaningful things like thanking God for the health of our family or the wisdom he gave my son to listen to his parents during an important time. Other times it could be a silly thank you like getting macaroni and cheese for dinner or being thankful for play dough. You never know what will pop into the mind of a three year old, but I always love hear his reflections of the day and in my opinion it teaches gratitude for the things we have and to share his love for God. I am so grateful to have these little opportunities and moments with my son. It warms my heart knowing his little thoughts of the day that I don’t think I would hear otherwise.

Just last night my little guy saw a baby on the television and then turned to me and asked if he could hold his sister. He thought about her just because and if you know three year olds, it is special when they think of other people out of the blue and ask you about them. I told him that she should arrive in a few months and with Mommy or Daddy’s help as long as he is gentle and careful, he can most certainly hold her. He was quite thrilled about that. I don’t think he really grasp the whole sister coming to stay and live thing yet though. However, he has such a sweetness in his never ending energy and helpful attitude that him becoming a big brother is something I think he will learn quite well. He’ll obviously have to share attention, but he also likes to make sure things are even in the household, that everyone is where they should be and that if he can help and if asked appropriately, he will respond enthusiastically. He already loves to hang out in his sister’s room and has already helped me with various tasks of cleaning things up, putting things together and even putting her things away. What a great guy.

My little man has the same soul I do. I get who he is with that fire in his eyes and the sweetness of his hugs. I love the little person he is becoming and even though he is hard headed, it shows
determination and independence. I also love that he has his Father in him. He has a confidence in his achievements and honestly doesn’t care what you think of him because he’s just going to be who he is. To me it shows that he will grow into quite an amazing man. He will fight for things he is determined in and show confidence in himself. He will show gratitude for the things he does have in his life and hasa love for God. He already is learning what family means to him as
he is already thoughtful of his sister, Dad and Mom. He loves his Dad and has such a great, unique relationship with him. By leading him through example, I hope he too has a close family of his own someday where he is a loving doting husband and plays an active role in his children’s life. I also hope he comes and visits me a lot when he is grown with his own circus and calls me every so often (I would love every day but I know that can’t always be). I know my days with him being little and holding my hand through movies is quickly fading, but no matter how old he gets, he will always be my baby.

My Daughter:

I have yet to meet you but in some respects I feel like I already know you. Even right now you’re moving about my belly making your little presence known in your Moms busy life. You took a while to get here, but you did and I truly thank God for that. Perhaps you’ll take your time with things in life doing them when you see fit and letting no one rush you.

With the help of your Daddy and brother, we are busy preparing for your arrival. There are so many things to get done such as putting your new crib together, but if you know your Mom, it will all be done way ahead of time. Your brother, even though he is just three, has already helped me put your dresser together and has already helped me put parts of your room together. I know I have already said this before, but I honestly believe God whispered in his ear letting him know who you are and about your arrival. He always knew you were going to be a sister. I can’t wait to see the special bonds you will havewith both of the guys in your life, your Dad and brother. They can be very silly at times, but just know in life that boys are usually silly
and your Mother is here to back you up.

I really hope that you have much of your brother’s personality in being determined, confident and not caring what others think. I think as a woman it is quite difficult to put aside what the world thinks about us or what they think we should do in certain scenarios and just go for what we think is best. I don’t care if you’re athletic, a career woman or a stay at home Mom as I just want you to fulfill your dreams in life and put other peoples judgments aside. You will learn my dear girl that in life there are times you will face harsh judgment from others but just know that judgment is typically lined with their own jealousy. Be your own person. Know yourself. Know how beautiful you really are. Your Mom and Dad will walk through fire for your brother and you. We will always be there to support you and love you both.

My Husband:

Where would my family be without you? You literally fought to have me in your life in the very beginning and through that we grew from being kids into adults together. I know my role in the family is to be the glue that binds us, though you do certainly do your part. However, you are our rock and the love of my life. You have given me what I always wanted, a home and beautiful children. I know we drive you nuts some days, but I know behind that steadfast exterior of yours, your life wouldn’t be complete without all that noise and you would miss it.

I love so many things about you, but I love that you remind me to be strong and that we need our together time as a couple. I think I forget that in all the running around I do, that I need to breathe a little for us. I love that you remember the things I forget. I love that we date often. I love that you do these sweet, thoughtful things for me like putting under cabinet lighting in and the cute, boyish look on your face of contentment and pride when you see my reaction.

I love the way you are with our son. How you are certainly a little bit more of the disciplinarian and remind me to not be such a softie. I love that you have become our son’s personal lounge chair and that no matter how hot you get from a thirty three pound kid on top of you with two blankets and his entourage of bunnies and furry pillows, thatyou’ll stay put. Our son believes you can punch ghosts, monsters, tigers and alligators. You are indeed his hero as much as you are mine. However, I’d rather you not punch or come in counter with those scary things. I think it is beautiful in the fact that our little guy thinks of you, he remembers playing hockey with you in the basement or playing blocks with you in the living room. I also love that you are slowly teaching him how to cook and are patient in showing him how to do new things. I cannot wait to see the type of Dad you will be having a little girl in your life. I already think it is hilarious that you have pointed out some of the things she is NOT allowed to wear when she gets older and that you’re already prepared (if she wants to) to teach her the game of hockey and how to skate. I know there will be some differences in raising a boy and our girl, but I know in most of the aspects in their life you won’t stereotypically divide them in who plays sports and who learns how to cook. I’m grateful that you just know that. I can’t say that all men really realize they hinder their children by not letting them experience things that society thinks girls should do or what boys should do. You will be in fact our children’s greatest male role model in life
and I feel so lucky and so blessed they have such a wonderful man to fulfill that in their lives.

I love you my dear sweet family. You are my world and I’m so grateful to God for blessing me with each of you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my sweet family.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!!

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