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Monday, April 18, 2011

Here I Am

I took a break for obvious reasons. Having a baby kind of takes up a bit of time and what time you do have free, the three year old takes up. Being a Mom of two little bits is fun, exhausting, humbling, interesting, awesome, and did I say tiring?

My little girl is pretty amazing. She's a fantastic baby. I hardly hear a peep from her and her complaints are so quiet! She sleeps four hours at a time in between feedings, but takes an HOUR to eat a single bottle. Her Aunt used to do the same thing as a baby. I am guessing using the family middle name (also Auntie's middle name) as her middle name pretty much jinxed her to be a slow eater which is fine since thats the only thing I can really complain about, which isn't much of a complaint. In any case, I'd rather her take her time vs. spit up like crazy like her brother used to because he would slug down a bottle like a veteran frat boy at a beer guzzling contest.

I can already tell her personality is so different then her brothers. I knew this when she was in the womb. She is TEN times more quiet then her brother ever was. She complains only when truly necessary, but when she needs to speak up she certainly makes her presence known. When my son was her age, he was just more active. He was more impatient. When he wanted a bottle, he wanted it NOW.

The juggling bit is more difficult. I really don't venture out on my own. Three year olds are not the easiest to go out with even when they are the only kid and I am just starting to feel good again. We have made it to day care, a store and to other various small outings. Thankfully the big brother is pretty amazing about helping me at home. He really is thoughtful and looks after his sister. He's also EXTREMELY protective. He has to know where his sister is and who is holding her. He makes sure to remind us when his sister is starting to fuss that she may need a bottle, need a change or a paci. He reminds his parents to pat his sister on her back after her feedings so we'll burp her well. He also is pretty amazing at getting his Mom or Dad certain things like new diapers, pacifiers or burp cloths.

On most days I'm busy. I'm always making food for somebody or doing some other activity. I am constantly making sure my son feels included with everything and keeping him busy. I even have him going to preschool for a few hours a few times a week so he gets play time, learning time, socialization and his speech therapy. I know its good for him. Its not always easy getting out of the house for pick ups (my husband drops off) but I know keeping his routine before I go back to work, learning with his peers, receiving his therapy and play time is great for him.

I love this new phase in my life. Its amazing really. Its the hardest thing I've ever done. I'm beyond exhausted. I dream of full nights sleep, but I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. The love in our house has multiplied. I thought my heart was full with my son and husband, but adding to it only makes your heart grow larger and even fuller. I see another side to my husband that I have never seen before. When his son entered the world, he wanted to shout to the roof tops he had a little boy. Imagine the beginning of The Lion King when Raftki held up Simba for the entire kingdom to admire. That is how my husband was. He had HIS legacy. You couldn't find a more proud Dad. With the birth of his daughter he is a lot more humble in his pride. He holds her closer, has grown softer and is already much more protective. It is just fascinating to watch that scenario. With two protective guys in our house, I find it amusing the tough time guys will have when my daughter is old enough to date.

I love my family. I am overjoyed, excited and beyond content. I could not thank God enough for my blessings. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for all of us.

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