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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Raising Kids

Earlier today a few of my friends posted a link on Facebook on an article about how parents should not dress their girls to look like tramps. I can't agree more. I can't IMAGINE why any parent would dress their little girls in padded bras, thongs, and clothes that most women wouldn't even feel comfortable in. Sure we all wanted to wear them at some point as kids, but we would never DREAM of asking our parents for them and those kids that did got the "death stare" from their parents. It just didn't happen. But why does it stop there? Sure this article deals more with clothing on girls and what it does to their self esteem and other mental health problems but why not discuss raising kids in general?

I am no perfect Mom in any way, shape or form. I get tired. I get impatient. I get damn right angry some times. However with both my daughter and my son, I am determined to raise them as equal as I possibly can to hopefully be the best people they can be. Sure my son won't try to wear slutty clothing, but will I let him wear a shirt that says, "F-You"? I don't think so. My stance on raising kids is sort of like that old country song, "Mama don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys" However, I have no issues with cowboys. I would change that title up a bit to be, "Parents don't let your your kids grow up to be assholes." A little blunt do you think? Well if thats the case, then I got your attention.

I think kids should be themselves. I've raised my son to be his outgoing self. I want him to explore the world he is in. I'm not about to stomp on his personality just because a few parents see him having a little more energy then their kid has. Those are the type of parents where their guidelines are that children should be seen not heard. I have no clue why anyone would want children to act like adults. Children are children. My son is who he is and I'm glad he sees the world with the glass half full mentality and savors as much in as he possibly can. However, like my daughter he will be raised to be sensitive to others, remember his manners in saying, "please and "thank you", ask questions, respect people and love God and family. Hell, he even has started with good old fashion chivalry in opening doors for people. He looks, sees and is learning. He's only three and a half and has more manners then a lot of people I know. He loves to love. He sees people as equals to him. He doesn't pride himself in being bigger or better even though he fancys himself as being spiderman from time to time. He's confident when he knows his space without being arrogant about what he knows. He cares for the people he loves in his own little three year old way. He is the exact person I wish him to be. Sure I wish that he would listen more. He isn't a robot where I can program him to obey my every command. He's a little boy after all.

Maybe my daughter will be quiet. If thats her then thats her. Maybe she'll be as energetic as her brother. I just hope she sleeps a full night like her brother does so I can retain some energy for their energy. I just love his energy though! I hope she sees the world as beautiful without focusing on the evil of what is out there. I wish for her to know as long as she can the innocence of life. I wish for her see and cherish the grace that God has blessed her little family with. She will learn manners and how to conduct herself. Hopefully she'll have fantastic confidence without relying on what is just beautiful but recognize that being smart is important too. I wish for her to feel comfortable without being arrogant. I wish for both her and her brother to look at their parents as a model in what a healthy, loving relationship is. I want the world for my kids but know the simplicity of life.

I want my kids to see and look at people as equals. Not to pride themselves too much but to have empathy for those around them. I want them to help people when they can whether it be a mother struggling to open the door while holding a screaming baby or letting a friend cry on their shoulder. I will not allow them to wear slutty or offensive clothing. They can wear green trench coats if they want (I sure did), but will be taught to not allow their clothing define them but let who they are shine out on the beautiful people they are. My wish as a Mom is not only to someday see my kids fly on their own, but raise them to be confident, loving, respectful, empathetic, happy, energetic individuals that love their God, family and friends. I'm not raising assholes here. I'm raising good, loving people.

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