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Friday, December 9, 2011

Why not?

One of my favorite people posted a blog recently where she talked about how she used to love doing silly internet questionaires. While they aren't as popular as they once were, I decided why not copy her little post and post my own answers here. Thanks for the fun Friday night idea!

1. Sleep style? I always fall asleep on my left side. Generally I have a pillow over my head. My husband tends to snore and I hate being woken up from it.

2. Right or left side of bed? left side. Generally where ever we are my husband sleeps closest to the door. No real reason. Maybe subconscious thing to protect us if there was an intruder?

3. Soft mattress or hard mattress? We have a hard mattress. Its okay. I'd much rather have a soft mattress. Thinking our next mattress will be a sleep number so we can both get what we want.

4. Top sheet? I hate them. In fact we never make our bed with them because we both detest them.

5. Make the bed in the morning? I'm usually the first one up and out the door but even if I wasn' wouldn't happen. There are a million household chores that are high priority. I do make my sons every so often though.

6. Floss everyday? Nope. I got those cool floss sticks and everything. I still can't remember.

7. Floss top or bottom first? If I do....bottom.

8. Brush back and forth, up and down, or circular? All of the above?

9. Brush top or bottom first? Right or left? bottom right.

10. Pop zits? When I have them.

11. Tweeze? Yes but I hate doing it.

12. TP over or under? over

13. Crinkle or fold? Crinkle.

14. Shower AM or PM? Depends on the day and depends how cold it is outside. Sometimes I shower at night so I don't have wet hair when I go to work and its bitter cold outside.

15. Start the shower before you get in? who doesn't? I won't step into cold water!

16. Get in the shower on the side under the flow, or away from it? Away from it

17. Ever sit down in the shower? Often either to shave or just zone out for a moment until I'm interrupted by somebody. grrrrr

18. Face the water to wash hair, or face away? Face away.

19. Soap up everything then rinse, or soap and rinse at the same time? Same time.

20. Soap, or body wash? Both. For the face and more sweaty areas I use soap because it drys up my skin. I also use body wash

21. Conditioner? I have to. Hair is too long. I prefer Herbel Essence b/c it smells so damn good and I love the two in one.

22. Dry off in standing in the tub or out? I dry off in the tub but walk out when I'm half way dry.

Yay for a Friday night survey! What a bunch of weird questions I'd never thought about until it was asked : )

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