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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Boy

I read a blog tonight about how Mom's are jealous and a contract for your son's future wife. It is nothing like the well known "Application to Date My Daughter". It discussed how quickly the cuddles will end and how one day they won't want to kiss you front of your friends. Then the article in my opinion went a little astray from there, where it was basically insisting that his future wife call you awesome, think you're awesome, etc., It was basically a guide to kissing butt. I hate nothing more then people kissing each others asses. I don't like brown nosers either. Its fake and it annoys me. I decided to rewrite that blog to be a little bit more realistic for me, so here it goes.....

My son is almost five. He is all boy and loves getting dirty. Tonight he was rolling down a dirt hill laughing hysterically while getting caked with leaves, dirt and grass stains. Its him. He has so much energy, life and such a wonderful spirit. He also loves on his Mom like no ones business. He's mine. Anyone that knows us, knows that Zaichik is more up to what his Mom is doing versus what his Dad is doing. I keep getting told this will change. Some people tell me after he turns five he'll be wanting to do more things with his Dad as boys gravitate more to doing "dude things". I'm sure there a lot of truth in it, but I'm not ready to let any bit of that go.

Zaichik loves giving me kisses and hugs over and over again every time he is leaving me. My husband comments its just his way of procrastinating, but I honestly don't care what my son's reasoning is. I'm soaking it up and loving every minute of it. I know one day he won't kiss and hug me as much. Zaichik is thoughtful when it comes to his Mom. Every time he sees a flower (and I'm not exaggerating on EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.)he either has to pick it for me or show it to me and beams ear to ear when I tell him how beautiful it is and what a terrific find it is. My lap is rarely free as I always have him or his sister or even both kids occupying it. I love hearing the "I want you Mom. I want to cuddle." coming from his little four year old lips while looking at me with those sweet puppy eyes. I always have a lap available for whoever wants to sit on it. I love that when he is out with his Dad or Grandparents that if he gets a treat like a cookie he will also ask if he can have one for me. He just thinks about that kind of thing, which to me is incredibly thoughtful for a kiddo his age. Maybe one day he'll be thoughtful like this to his wife.

I'm busy raising a little boy to be a man someday. I want him to be a gentleman and for him to know how to treat women. For example, call me old fashion but opening doors and letting ladies go first should be something he does. Nothing disgust me more when I see a man knowingly bypass a woman and not hold a door open. Thankfully it's already starting to get ingrained into Zaichik as he often holds the door for people. I just want him to be a loving son, a great friend and hopefully a devoted husband and Dad that treats those around him with respect and love.

As for his wife. I know I'll be a little jealous HOWEVER I will also be overjoyed when he finds that person that he will want to spend the rest of his life with. I hope and pray he has a great relationship like his Dad and I have. We're best friends. We're teammates in life. I hope Zaichik and his wife give me tons of grandbabies to love on. I hope his wife also becomes like a daughter to me. I don't want to be the horrendous, monster in law. I want her to call me, seek advice, and know I'm there for her as I'm there for my son. I don't want her to see me as some judgy, scary bitch of a Mom that she has to deal with on special occasions.

I do my best to have a great relationship with my own mother in law. Sure we had a rocky year the first year I was married to her son. We had a great relationship before I married her son, but there was a time when it wasn't as great. I blame that mostly on her struggling with a huge event that happened in her life right before my husband and I got married. She felt that she was losing everything she knew. I get that. We mended our relationship over time and now its great. I ask her advice on different things, invite her to come over as often as she can and call her a lot. In fact not too long ago we had a three hour phone conversation late one night talking about all sorts of things. She doesn't view me as the person who stole her son away but sees me as her daughter. We're friends. I genuinely love her and look forward to seeing her. We truly are friends and I love we have that relationship.

I know my son will find a wife someday. I know things will change in our relationship. I just don't want what I have now to pass too quickly. I also know that with time there is change. I hope he finds a beautiful soul to bring into the family. I want another addition to the family. Above everything I want my son to be happy. I also hope that he'll always give me a huge bear hug goodbye and kiss on my cheek. While the cuddles won't always be there, I hope he gives me a grandson or a granddaughter that I can cuddle and love. For now though I'll enjoy where we are, the multiple hugs and kisses goodbye, the cuddles on the lap and the occasional flower that he brings home just for his Mama.

I love you Zaichik.

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Erin said...

That is a sweet post! You have such a positive outlook. I love snuggling with my kids, but too often push them off to go do things instead of letting them take up all the space in my lap, so thanks for the wake up call on that :)