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Friday, July 31, 2009

Grandparents Are Awesome

Yesterday after my Mom and I treated ourselves to getting our eyelashes tinted (what an experience that was), I decided to invite my parents over for dinner. My Mom on so many occasions has bent over backwards for me and as a Mom myself, I know its nice not to have to cook and let someone else cook for me.

Our tome home community unfortunately has crappy visitor parking. I think that is the problem in most town home communities... In any case after our appointment my Mom went home to pick up my Dad to bring one car over (they live a mile away which is awesome) and I headed to pick my son up from day care. Once my son and I were home, I told him his Nagypapa and Nagymama (Grandpa and Grandma in Hungarian) were coming over to visit. His little eyes just lit up and started looking for them immediately. He went from the front door to the bay window in my kitchen (both face the street) anticipating their arrival. He was SO excited! I smiled watching this remembering how excited I used to get as a young kid when I knew my Grandparents were coming over. I knew they would shower me with that extra love and attention that any kid loves to receive and I knew that is what my son would get once his beloved Nagypapa and Nagymama would arrive.

As expected ten minutes later my parents arrived smiling ear to ear as they watched their Grandson waved excitedly at them from the front door. Its a look only a loving Grandparent can give when seeing their Grand kids...the look of pure joy and love thats just indescribably beautiful. Again, it reminded me of my own Nagypapa and Nagymama coming up the walk way to my home in North Carolina. It made me miss them that much more...

The dinner was great (love me some Col. Ladies Ham) and my son was able to play with both Grandparents. He really is a Nagypapa boy, but he adores my Mom as well. Nagypapa spent time putting lego buildings together so my son could claim them as his and knock it down. My Mom spent time playing puzzles, giving kisses/hugs and playing a game with him on the three steps to our main floor. The night was just fun.

Soon enough it was bed time for the little guy and my parents headed home to relax (I am sure the little guy wore them out). Its was a simple but fun night with love and family togetherness. No nonsense. No fuss. Just love. I think Grandparents (at least my kids Grandparents) are awesome.

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