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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What Moves You?

Last night while watching a DVR recording of America's Got Talent, I was moved by one act with Lawrence Beaman singing Ol' Man River. While I sat in awe of this mans amazing talent to be able to sing in such low notes, I found myself tearing up because his voice and the Show Boat song lyrics was moving to me. My husband thought I was a nut. And while the majority of men aren't as emotional as the majority of women (just sayin), he just wasn't as moved. It surprised me a bit, but different things moves different people which brought me to why I am writing this post.

I will admit ever since I have become a Mom, I have grown to be more of a sap on things. I cry easier. I sympathize more. I love more. Simple as that, I just do. I also think what moves you as an adult many times is affected by what you grow up with. I grew up with my parents always taking me to countless plays and exposing me to other cultural things (weird or not). I am a sucker when it comes to musicals. I remember seeing Hair, Tommy, Sweeny Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Man of La Mancha, 1776, Show Boat, Whistle Down The Wind, Les Miserables (my favorite) and many many others. Some of the musicals were fun, others a bit sad and some were just absolutely beautiful. Ask me a song from one of the musicals and I can guarantee you I can sing (however horribly) a song from one of them. Heck, I wanted to get married on a particular month because of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers ("they say when you marry in June..."). Musicals, the lyrics of the songs just move me. Watching them just brings me back to a fragment of my childhood that simply gives me joy.

There are many things that will move me rather it be for happy things or sad things and musicals are just one of them. I love their story lines, the way each song can make you feel and the memory it leaves behind because so many of them move me to this day.

What moves you?

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