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Thursday, January 27, 2011

From 1 to 2

In a matter of weeks, I'll be going from one kid to two. I can't imagine it really. Having our lives completely changed forever. I can't believe I'll be learning how to juggle a whole new set of responsibilities, daily routine, etc., I am SO excited for it. I admit though I am a little nervous thinking about the impending labor, healing, etc., I just wonder how it really will be going from one to two.

Right now I'm savoring my time with just my son. It won't be like we won't ever have Mommy and son time ever again, but it will be different. I know that. I'm taking more naps with him lately, going to bed early and allowing him to sleep for a little while with me (though most nights it is necessary for me) and doing other things that will come a bit harder once the baby comes. I do plan on having Mommy son dates and doing things with just him in the same way I plan to have Mommy daughter time. I want each kid to not only bond as a family, but to have quality alone time with both my husband and I. I just believe that is important.

I am told and I think some great bit of advice is to keep going with the older child's schedule. I remember how much my son's schedule changed constantly when he was baby. My son now has a pretty set role of routines. He goes to bed at the same time every night (with some exceptions), eats dinner around the same time, has activities around the same time, etc.,. I also budgeted and scheduled day care for a couple hours in the morning three days a week so not only does he keep going with his lesson plans, speech therapy, play time with peers, etc., but as day care is a constant in his life, I want to keep that going. I also don't want to give him a huge shock when Mommy goes back to work full time. I'm not overly regimented where I can't be flexible in his routine, but for him it gives him expectations on what will happen every day. I want him to feel secure with what is going on and I believe this will certainly help. My kids are first above EVERYTHING in my life.

I'm also getting more and more nervous about labor. I watch those baby shoes on TLC and will usually fast forward through the labor/delivery party. I guess I'm in denial? I know it will be not the most comfortable time period in my life. I'm looking ahead knowing at the end I'll have a beautiful, (God willing) healthy, little girl. I just wonder what it will be like. How different will it be? Will I have excruciating back labor again? Will I have to push as long? How long will it take to heal? How will I juggle healing vs. taking care of a toddler? All these questions will come to light soon enough, but it does make me a little ancy. I know we'll be fine. My husband is a WONDERFULLY supportive with whatever I need. I just fear a bit of the unknown. I think every pregnant Mom does. I just hope to GOD that since I plan on working until D-Day, that my water does not break at work.

I know I'll figure it out. It will be amazing meeting and bonding with my little girl. I can't wait to see my husbands face when he sees his little girl. I can't wait to see my son's reaction when he meets his sister! I just can't believe that in matter of eight weeks (give or take) that she will be here. It will certainly be another beautiful journey that my family and I have the privilege of taking together. I can't wait to meet you princess!

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