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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Joe Bug

Today my younger dog Joey (aka Joe Bug) turns eleven. While I knew he was again up there in years (not by his account but more or less knowing that I’m older), I was surprised after doing the math to figure out he’s certainly up there in years!

I got my dog Joey as a persistent plea to my Mom and Dad that my other dog needed a companion. My dog Pepsi, who I had for fifteen years, had passed and my other dog Lucas was left all alone. I think dogs as well as people certainly get along better with having someone else around them. I know my Lucas had me, but as any dog owner that has two or more dogs knows, there is a bond between animals (so long as they like each other) that you just can not give them.

I don’t know why or how I got my mom to give in, but I got Joey in early March of 2000 when I was just finishing up my senior year of high school.. He came from a little puppy store and I found him chewing up newspaper shreds in the corner. His little black nose and soulful black eyes melted my heart instantly. Once I brought him home, I was unsure what Lucas would think of him. Lucas was certainly MY dog through and through. He loved other people, but at the end of the day, he was always by my side. I didn’t want him to feel replaced or dislike my little Joe bug. I was delighted to see after a quick sniff of an introduction, both dogs took off running in a playful game down the hall. They were instant friends.

I got Joey as a young teenager. I was just finishing up my Senior year of high school when I got him. He grew into a long legged dog with a mind of his own. I say this because even though he is the younger dog, he is very much the alpha dog as Lucas just wants to follow and be
loved. Joey calls the shots, tries to sneak in extra treats, etc., He's the one that tells my husband or I when he and Lucas need to go to the tree or to freaking fill up his water bowl again already as he just drank it all and wants more. He barks louder, is the tallest dog and certainly is all boy.

My Joe bug certainly has been a wonderful addition to my life. He has his little quirks about him, but I know he makes sure everyone is where they should be and loves his family (well really mainly my husband and I as my toddler is a bit rough with him at times). He also puts up with a lot of crud from my son. Just this morning Joey was greeted with a birthday morning hug and my son trying to put his pants on him because he thought he needed them. Poor dog. He puts up
with so much, but he’s a good sport.

Happy Birthday Joe Bug. I love you pupperoni : )

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