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Monday, January 17, 2011


For the past three government holidays, I have been thoroughly enjoying my time off. I usually enjoyed a day off here or there, but I am finally able to appreciate it and not feel guilty for having a day off. Why do you ask? I get paid. I haven't been paid any holiday, vacation or sick pay in two and a half years and I certainly have a new appreciation of it. It has finally given me the ability to REALLY relax.

As I've said I am more relaxed now on my time off. I'm not thinking that the next pay check is going to look like crud or maybe I should work through this holiday if it is allowable. I can sit back, get tasks done in my house and really enjoy my family time without having that impending guilt in the back of my head. I overall feel more motivated and getting an extra day off to rest or work between rest is wonderful. I also can't say enough how much I've enjoyed my time off with my husband and son. It bonds us closer as a family. Having an extra day to recoop is awesome and my son really loves having more Mommy/Daddy time.

My son is a pretty happy kid. He loves to sing, play, dance, etc., He's one of those kids that is game for pretty much everything minus boat rides(at least for now) and things that require high heights. Overall that really doesn't put a damper on our usual outings or going here or there. He loves to bum and he loves to stay at home. If he gets in trouble or upset, he generally gets over it fairly quickly. He just is a smiley kid overall. Today he told me with a beautiful, cheesey grin, "Mom, I have a smile face today." Meaning he's just having a terrific day! We haven't done anything special or bought anything special for him. He's just enjoying his time hanging out with his family and doing things here and there with us. He's been super helpful today and overall has just been a great listener! I smiled and told him I was glad and that I'm having a fantastic day with him too. He was so happy and proud of himself that he wrapped his little arms around me and gave me a gigantic kiss. Man I love that kid. Had it not been for the holiday, I would of missed that.

I'm just thankful for paid holiday. Relaxing holidays. Holidays spent with my family where I can fully appreciate a day off. Its nice knowing you're getting paid so you can help your family. It is why I work! I certainly do not work for pleasure. As I've heard from many people over the years, including a recent Division Chief that gave his going out retirement speech, "No one ever says at the end of their days that they wish they spent more time in the office." Its the simple things like your kid saying awesome things or getting an extra kiss that make holidays even more amazing.

Thanks kid. I've really enjoyed my day with you too. You're pretty amazing!!!

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