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Friday, October 24, 2008

The Calls

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you know it is election season. From the dozens of signs on the highways, to the endless news coverage and campaign commercials, it certainly is apparent who is running for the presidential office. I typically don't mind election season. Its easy to drive past signs and simply ignore them or fast forward through the campaign commercials with my trusty DVR remote, but what I can't ignore are the endless amount of phone calls being made to my house.

These phone calls never come at a decent time in my house. Either I am just getting in the door with a hungry toddler and two dogs that want to go outside, cooking dinner/cleaning up, or (and this is the one I hate the most) the phone rings right as I am putting my baby down to go to bed. No Obama or McCain supporters, I don't want to work in a campaign (like I have the time), I don't want to contribute money (we are in an economic crisis), and its no one's business (especially a strange person at the end of the other line) on who I am going to vote for! Not only did you call me at an inconvenient time, but usually you can hear a child in the background begging for my attention. Do you think trying to delay me getting off the phone is going to make me want to support your candidate even more so? No!

What gets to me more is, they usually ask for my husband first. Did the 19th amendment get thrown out for some reason? I don't get it! Last month he was blessed to receive his naturalization papers and became a citizen of the United States, but did he hand out his home number as apart of the process? That just makes me mad that they never ask for either Mr. or Mrs. when they call.

Obviously I look forward to November since it has two holidays, family time, etc., but another more calls! My house will be call free, except for those that I actually want to talk to.
Does anyone else have an annoying campaign story to tell?

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