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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Television and Babies

When my little guy was an infant, I really didn't care what was on the television. He spent most of his time cuddled up without a care in the world (as long as he was feed and had a clean diaper) in his Moms arms. As he grew older, I got more and more into what he couldn't watch on television and what should be on the television if he is in the room. I know kids don't need television on all the time and I do try to cut it to a minimum, but even if just Thomas or Sesame Street, I like having the background noise. I am one that likes a noisy house. Go figure.

My new house rules (when the baby is not sleeping his crib) are the following:
  • No Dead People (CSI, Bones television shows are ruled out)
  • No violence
  • No sex
  • No drug use
  • No curse words (God forbid the kiddo picks up a word)
In my husbands words, "So what can we watch on television?" I like to break down the television shows of things that are funny (AFV), dance shows, Oprah (even ruled out some times), and any sports. I am what you call a television addict and I do have to appreciate having DVR so I can catch up on some not so friendly kid shows after the baby is asleep.

I guess it never occurred to me when you have a baby that you thought of such things, but as the Johnson and Johnson commercials always say, "Having a baby changes everything." That line is so true.

So for now, until my kids are age appropriate, the television shows are all screened. At least I can always trust the PBS Sprout Kids, which are completely age appropriate.

How did television change in your household when you had children? Do you have any favorite shows you watch as a family?

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