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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Toddler Talk

For the purpose of this article, we'll call my toddler Pumpkin. Pumpkin is of the age when he is learning more and more words. The first word came around the first birthday and inevitably it was "Dada". It was very cute and my husband adored that he was singled out. I didn't tell him that lots of toddlers first word is "Dada", since its just easier to say then "Mama". Even so, we rejoiced in the new milestone Pumpkin reached. Over the next few months, Pumpkin learned more and more what things meant. He learned the word "dog" next as he loves to terrorize the two poodles in our home. Luckily, they are faster then him. If you said, "Tough down Redskins",those little arms would reach over his head like the refs do when a player scored a touchdown. He even learned that if he pointed and said "that", then we would tell him whatever "that" was. Recently, Pumpkin even learned the word "clock". Yup, a hard word for a toddler (at least in my opinion) to get that "cl" and "k" out there. I relish in all of the new things Pumpkin has learned. However, he has yet to say "Mama".

Don't get me wrong, I am not mad. I praise my toddler for every milestone he hits. I know each one of them is a true blessing as there are so many children that never reach those same milestones. However, can Pumpkin just look at me and say "Mama"? I carried this child for 38 weeks, went on bed rest for four of those weeks, pushed him out, lost countless hours of sleep by his cries, read hundreds of stories, sang every song imaginable, and did my best to play the "Super Mom" role. I guess I am just a bit disappointed? Everyone in our house has a name to him, the dogs, Dada and even his favorite clock, but Mama has yet to receive a name. Have I tried having my husband point to me and say my name? Yes. I have tried saying his name by pointing (since he learns words through pointing at things) and then pointing at me and saying my name. He just looks at me as if he's saying "okay whatever lady" and moves on to something more interesting.

I know someday I'll get that "Mama" word out of him. Its bound to happen at some point and I am sure it will catch me by surprise and I'll relish in finally having a name like his Dad does. I'll probably write at a later time and say how much he does say "Mom" or "Mama", like Stewie does in Family Guy and wish that I could have a break. For now I am just waiting for that moment. I know it will come all too soon.

What were your little ones first words?

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