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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tis The Season to Go Shopping?

The shopping season in search for the perfect present for this holiday for all your loved ones has kicked into high gear. However, I haven't found myself shopping and planning like I usually do. Perhaps I am just a tired Mom that doesn't feel like doing the daunting task of shopping for a million people (okay eight people) or maybe its the fact that money is a little tight right now.

I honestly am really glad that my son is young enough this year not to care what he receives on Christmas morning. Sure Christmas isn't about presents. I am a Catholic Mom who sees this season for more then just that. I am just grateful that my son isn't asking for a new video games or the latest kid gadget from Santa Claus. My husband and I would either be faced with the horrible task or not giving him his Christmas present wish or we would have to whip out the credit card. Don't get me wrong. I am not going to raise a child that gets everything they ask for, but there is something magical about getting what you want on Christmas morning. I remember asking for an American Girl doll as a child and believing Santa heard my wishes. It was an expensive doll in the 80's (still is), but Santa GAVE that to me.

Our family, along with the rest of the world (unless you are the Gosselins), just do not have the money for extras this year. We're being frugal and trying to save that extra dime here or there. We are not poor by any means, but we aren't shelling out the big bucks to get huge ticket items. Its fine for me that I don't get a bunch of new items. I am okay with it being a small Christmas. I think in many ways it will teach people the true meaning of this upcoming holiday. Its a time for peace, joy, good tidings and family. Its a time to reflect on what we have, not what we don't have. Its a time to be kind to your fellow man (I'll have to remember that while driving to work). Its a time for celebration.

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