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Monday, November 24, 2008

To Be Thankful

The upcoming Thanksgiving holiday has made me reflect more so on what I am thankful for then other past Thanksgivings. I know I have been more in tuned with how wonderful and miraculous life really is since my son was born, but why did I not feel this depth last year? Perhaps its because we are finally starting on a real schedule and I am not learning how to do the basics of parenting and perhaps it could also be that having a little life in your arms for over a year has opened up my heart, my mind and my soul even more so. I just think of things that I am thankful for and it makes me tear up, so here it goes. Here is my insignificant list to the world, but a list that is so important to me.

Family. I am thankful for them. Some drive me crazy, some disappoint and some I wish I could be more close to. Perhaps I could use this thankful list as part of my new years resolution huh? But above the drama, the bickering and the crazy advice I get from time to time, I have family. There are those that have no one in this world and I have no idea how they can honestly go through life like that. Who do they fall back on? Who knows them? I mean really knows them from their little personality of a young person to an adult? No family is normal, so in saying that I am thankful for them.

My son and husband. I know they are apart of my family, but they are my FAMILY. We eat, sleep and breathe each other. My husband does amazing things that surprises me and he loves seeing the reaction on my face. He cleaned the house the other day. Isn't that an amazing thing for any tired wife/mommy to come home too? I could kiss him just now thinking about that great surprise. My son is obviously my life. Without him there isn't a me. No I am not saying I lost my individuality, but when you become a parent you know how it is. You can't imagine life before there was them because they are your life. Your life centers around their care, their woes, and the endless amount of love you have for that person. I wake up every morning thinking about my son even though he usually wakes me up crying and the last thing I do at night is tell him I love him as he lays sleeping curled up in his little crib.

God's Grace. Yes I am thankful for that. I strayed away in my earlier years from my faith. Now I am returning home to God's love. Honestly I felt awkward at first like a child shying away from loving relative they haven't seen for a while, but now I am more and more in love with my God, my faith and his grace and understanding. How can you not be thankful for unconditional love?

My friends. I don't see them as often as I would like. I honestly love them though. Sometimes there are things I can't tell anyone except the small group that I hang out with. What is more beautiful about my friends is that I honestly love them and they love me. They love my son and I know if I had an emergency or something come up that they would take care of him. To trust a group with the most precious thing in the world means so much to me. There are few that I trust in that capacity.

There are lots of more little tid bits that I am thankful for such as having a warm home, food on the table, etc., but those four core reasons I talked about above were what really came to mind.

What are you thankful for this holiday season?

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