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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Christmas Spirit

Its that wonderful and most beautiful time of year again...the time of year to celebrate Christ's birth and spend some quality time with family and friends. I know most of us are swamped with running from store to store, wrapping last minute gifts and going through mini holiday dramas, but really it is that time to take a moment to really know what Christmas is all about.

It is a Christian holiday...obviously. Celebrating Christ's birth's and Mary's self surrender to God's plan is just nothing short but miraculous. Remember at this time Mary and Joseph were turned away from the Inn and the SON OF GOD was born in a manger...not a warm hospital or home that so many of us are so lucky to have. It is that time of year again to reflect on what we should be doing as humble ourselves in not thinking so much about ourselves but for what we could do individually or even as a community. It does not have to be huge sacrifices (although it would be nice but not always plausible), but think what you could do for someone else. Simple things like helping a lady load groceries in her trunk, bringing a warm drink to those working in the cold or opening your home up to someone who is a bit less fortunate. Its little things that could mean so much to a person...even something as simple as a smile. We are usually so busy with ourselves...our own lives that we forget to do simple things like help one another or just show the spirit of kindness. I know I am not exempt for forgetting these things, but I try to catch myself when I do remember.

What will you do for someone today?

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