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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stressed Much? I am

So December hasn't shaped up to be a stellar month. There are so many stresses going on and really I don't know how much more can possibly go on, but I am DONE. I honestly just want to sit here and cry writing this post and am almost thankful I have my little blog to let it all on the table.

So here the last month or so in summary:

~My Mom has heart surgery...a scary heart surgery. Thankfully she is doing great. However...obviously thats stressful.

~My son gets kicked out of day care for thirty days. My husband and I both work full time and can't stay home for thirty days. We scramble to get care and my husband's Grandmother comes up to stay with us from Miami while looking and researching day care places.

~We get approved (THANKFULLY) for speech assessment. However with all the appointments and my boss being out and I can't take off work, my husband holds the bag on that one. He was awesome, but talk about my own personal guilt trip in not really being able to help.

~Grandma comes and although is nice...its hard having anyone come live with you when you're not used to it.

~My job...questionable at best on how long it will last and there are really no jobs (this includes constant searching and looking) that are reasonable to commute to or people just aren't hiring.

~Christmas drama...not the fun kind either, but that blows over THANKFULLY.

~Grandma walks out on us after a VERY (and I mean ridiculous) argument over saying goodbye to my son. We had to see if my sons NEW day care would let us start early...thankfully they are. I can't tell you how disappointed and hurt I am over her selfish actions when she knew we needed help.

~My son after an ENT appointment needs tubes put in both ears and probably his adenoids removed as well. There is a silver lining to him being able to hear and breathe properly, but it means surgery and this is my baby we're talking about!

~Did I mention I am forced to take some holidays (I'd take off for the major day like Christmas and New Years) and I am not paid for four days in December, which equals out to almost a weeks salary.

Today I am just done. I want to go home, shut my door, turn off my ringer and just vegetate with the people I love and that love me. I am hoping for a wonderful New Year because really it has to get better because this month really really really really really sucked (minus Christmas, my nephew, my husband and my beautiful son).

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Erin said...

Your month really did suck. I'm so sorry, Diana! I hope 2010 is WAY better!!!