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Monday, December 28, 2009

Foreign Movies

I have to say I am new in watching foreign films and am biased when I really only watch Russian films as my husband is Russian. I just like seeing the culture, the different ways another studio other than Hollywood does their films...its all just VERY interesting to me. This week I watched two foreign films that I would have to say I HIGHLY recommend for any audience.

'Kniga Masterov' or 'Book of Masters' is a Disney made movie based on a Russian fairy tale. If you like movies like Chronicles of Narnia or Lord of the Rings, this a great movie for you to watch. I know it is odd putting a Disney movie under the foreign films category, but this movie was filmed for Russians as it was written, directed and acted by only Russians. You will not see any actors or voice overs by any Hollywood name you know of.

Another great movie (I believe its almost a classic in Russian films) is Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears (I inserted a link off youtube with english subtitles). I would categorize this as a chick flick as the story is told about three different woman's lives from young adulthood and them finding themselves into adulthood. I have watched this movie before but its one movie I have to say is on my list of favorites. Its interesting to see a piece of my husband's culture played out on film as I see certain things played out in my own life. For example, a Russian superstition would be before you leave to go on a journey (vacation) everyone must sit down for a moment for good luck...we have done that in my house. I also laugh at the beautiful decorated tables filled with good food and happy company as this is something I have witnessed frequently when going to my mother in law's house.

I also really enjoy watching 'The Irony of Fate' a while back, which is absolutely hilarious. The movie portrays a man who gets totally drunk during a party before his wedding (sort of like a Bachelor's Party). The guys in his group plays a prank on him and put him on a plane to a different city. Zhenya (the groom to be) wakes up and gets a taxi to what he thinks is his home and not aware that he is in fact in a entire different city. Its sort of a fun pull at the Soviet government as all housing looked the same, street names were the same in each city, even locks (yikes) and furnishings were government issued. I will not spoil the rest of the story, but it is a classic. My husband's Mom describe this movie as something you HAVE to watch every year. Sort of like how us Americans watch 'It's A Wonderful Life' or 'A Christmas Story' each year.

I am also looking into other great films the Russians have done. They love doing period piece films, which THANK YOU LORD is my favorite genre of films!

What foreign films do you recommend?

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