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Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Changes

So this week was less then stellar. I had so many positive things to write...before Monday happened. I'll just keep that in the vault for another blog post another day when I am feeling more cheery, less stressed out and have reached a good level of sanity.

On Monday, I got the dreaded call from day care. Seeing them on my work caller ID was not very welcomed as usually getting a call from them means nothing but bad things. I was right as I picked up the phone and was informed that my son had bit another child while they were napping and I was to pick him up. I was further informed that he would be suspended for THIRTY DAYS! I knew this was possible per the last warning, but that was over a month ago and I figured the grace time was enough between the biting. I was wrong. I was further dismayed that the President who made this decision was not even available to sit down with me for a meeting or talk over the phone. That did it for me, my son was never going back. I called my husband to pick up our son because it was one of those weeks I had to work and to be honest I was quite emotional about stepping foot in that place.

Soon after my husband got home with my son, he gave me a ring. The front desk just told us he had bit a boy. However, we were further informed that my son and his cot was kicked REPEATEDLY by another little boy in the room. My son had enough and because his verbal skills aren't like the rest of his peers, he told him to stop the only way he knew how. I don't condone the biting, but it wasn't out of the blue either. WHY the heck the teacher who witnessed the multiple kickings didn't one protect my son bothered me a HUGE deal. It further nailed down that we would not be going back. They obviously can't handle two year olds.

So while I sat at work (feeling quite helpless mind you), my husband started seeing what he could do to solve our little 30 day suspension problem. I had a few VERY tearful phone calls to my parents about the days events (thank God there was an empty conference room) and was told that my Mom could watch my son three days this week. Thank GOD! Then God gave us an angel, because my son's GREAT Grandmother (who has more sturdy and energetic then I am) volunteered to fly up from Miami and spend the thirty days with us while we looked for another day care. She really is heaven sent because not only is she doing this and disrupting her life, but she's missing out on two very major holidays with her husband...Christmas and New Years. We had another blessing in the fact the plane ticket was NOT priced at an insane rate.

Tonight Great Grandma flies in, which is a nice relief. I am sure we'll be spoiled in our house with some yummy Russian cuisine (she likes to cook for her "kids") and mys on will see his beloved "Gaga" again. In the mean time we're touring day cares left and right to see what will be the best fit for my little guy.

There is a silver lining to all this stress, in that my son will have a fresh new start where ever he goes, "Gaga" will spend some quality time with the family and we'll be saving a few bucks on day care.

Life is so complicated some times, but in summary..."the will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you."

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