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Thursday, August 26, 2010

How Did He Know?

Yesterday we took Zaichik to his three year old well check up. His pediatrics office has great exam rooms themed out from Sesame Street to Superheroes. Each room is unique and this time we entered a room he hasn't been into since he was VERY little. It was the superheroes room. Zaichik was happy as it had plenty of toys in the room to play with (all still going with the theme) and yelled out "Spwider Man Mama" as he held up a Spider-Man action figure smiling gleefully.

How in the world does he know who Spider-Man is?

We have never watched Spider-Man at home, read books, or anything of the sort. He's probably heard of Superman from time to time, but not Spider-Man. My only guess is he somehow had another kid talk enough about Spider-Man and have some sort of picture of him at his school for Zaichik to easily recognize him so quickly and easily. Zaichik played with Spider-Man for almost the entire visit making little boy action noises and having him leap in the air from object to object. I just can't believe it. My baby has gone from playing with the Fisher Price Little People figurines to wanting to play with action figures. Not sure if Mama is ready for this one.

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