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Friday, August 13, 2010

Stop The Rain

Yesterday the DC metro area faced another huge down pour...and for some people it even happened twice in one day. There were areas without power, flash floods, tornado, etc., Thankfully we just had a whole lot of rain where I lived. The rain also happened to start just as I picked my son up from day care....

Before little Zaichik and I got home, it was pouring cats and dogs. I lacked having an umbrella in the car (not that it would of made much difference). We also don't have garage to our home, so to keep my baby as safe as possible I explained to him that Mommy was going to open the door first and then run back and get him so I am not holding him while fiddling with trying to open the door at the same time. Just as I opened the door, a HUGE CRACK KA-BOOM lit up the sky. It was so loud that is scared the tar out of me and made me jump. Thinking my baby is alone ten feet from me, I ran like a crazy woman to the car to open it up with a bawling three year old inside. I picked him up and he instantly calmed down and I scurried up to the front door as quickly as I could. He was still looking quite worried with little tears going down his face, so I said, "Wow God likes to play his musical instruments just as loud as you do sometimes!" He inquisitively looked at me and I explained to him that while God plays those loud musical instruments, we need to go inside and not play outside. He was okay with that explanation. I don't want my son to be scared of thunder or lightening unnecessarily, but I also want him to know a little safety. I remember being terrified of it being little and still can recall hiding behind the orange, 70's couch in my parents family room as a kid.

Once Zaichik was calmed down and the door was shut, he went to the family room and started playing. He looked up at me as I was getting ready to go upstairs to change out of my wet clothes when he questioned where his Dad was. I told him he was at work. Zaichik then exclaimed to me, "Dada make rain go away." I told him if he could he would, but thats not for him to decide. How awesome is it for a child to think his parents have the ability to do so many things...even change the weather? Dads do have special hero power, but not weather control. I was not asked if I could make the rain go away...the Daddy was.

It just brought back my own childhood revelation. That Moms (at least for me) were for nurture like kissing small (sometimes made up) boo boos, getting hugged if we were sad, and always played the constant referee. Dads were our heroes as kids (still are in some ways). They protect us, can kick any bad guy (or in my son's case any scary wolfs) butt, and can fix anything. As kids, I think we see our parents as if they have super hero powers. That each parent has their own unique abilities and talents. It just makes me smile to think that. That my son really thinks that we can do anything and everything to take care and provide for him. I'm even more proud to stand by and witness the adoring look in my son's eyes to think his Dad is his own personal super hero. How awesome is that?

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