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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Yesterday's post was pretty bleak...and well todays is a tad better in terms of my own outlook. I got a reminder yesterday that while my loss of job is going to be a big change for my family if I don't find one soon....things could always be worse. Its a Russian way of thinking...but get reminders of how lucky you really are sometimes.

I have been reading a blog now for a few years. I don't want to particularly advertise it because I just don't feel right doing it for some reason...and for this I'm following my gut. Essentially it is about a beautiful, Christian loving family that has three children, of which one is adopted. Their very young adopted daughter is nearing her last days on this earth due to a terrible, incurable, terminal illness. They had no clue about this when they adopted her...things came to light as she grew older and she retracted her in ability to do things even an infant could do. Even though they are going through the biggest emotional hardship of their lives, they are seemingly handling this as best as any parent could do. Explaining the upcoming sister's departure to their oldest daughter was gut wrenching and it made me burst into tears. How unimaginable. I was so moved by their grace, beauty and trust in their faith in God. I could do nothing but pray for them...sobbing like a baby. It is what no parent should ever go through.

I will continue to pray for this family in my own nightly prayers with my son. Sometimes you get a wake up call that things aren't so bad. I don't like knowing the unknown, but I am so blessed that my baby and my family is healthy. May this family find strength and encouragement through this inconceivable hard time.

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