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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Anyone Heard Of These?

I was an extensive reader when I was little. I often got in trouble reading in class and sometimes had notes sent home to my Mom. I just couldn't put a book down once I got into it. I LOVED reading about different characters and places. However, I WISH I had the Magic Tree House series when I little!

I love history and love diving into books that are based around history. These series are a mix of fiction & nonfiction about two children who find a Magic Tree House and learn how the books can transport them to magical lands and worlds. How neat is that? They are easy chapter books and something I will certainly be looking into once my son gets a bit older.

Have you heard of them? Any reviews you'd like to give?

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Tina in CT said...

My granddaughter loved/loves the books and they own all of them. My daughter raves about them too.

I know there have been theatrical productions based on them as they've come to a local theater so watch for them when your son is a little older.

I also love novels based on history - especially WWII and escaping the Nazis.

I'm Moscow Mom's mother.