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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Yesterday I decided to have a slumber party with my son, Zaichik. Typically I don't sleep with my son unless he's sick (its just easier), but his sweetness in asking me to lay down with him after we said his prayers was just something this softy of a Mom could not resist. I reward good behavior and his behavior really has been wonderful lately, so it was another reason to give my son a once in a blue moon treat.

Once I told Zaichik we could have a slumber party, he was THRILLED. So much so that he took great care in making sure I had adequate blankets (yes my three year old tried to cover me up) and held my hand to make sure I wouldn't slip away. I was soaking up the moment (as was he) until I was reminded I indeed have an "all boy" child. BRRRRRRRRRP! My son has passed gas rather loudly. A moment passed by as we both paused in silence, he then turned to me and said "EWWWW Mama!!!!". WHAT?????? I decided to play along (despite the late hour) and call him out on it "Ewww Zaichik!!!!" He giggled his little boy giggle and we went back and forth like that for a good few minutes...until we were busted. My husband came in the room wondering what was going on and at such a late hour. We both giggled and I explained to him what was going on. He smiled, kissed us goodnight and went back to bed. I felt like a little kid at a sleep over and a parent coming in to tell us to "quit it". HAHA!

The sleep over was uneventful after that. We both passed out and slept through the night for the most part (minus a few checks to see if Mama was still in the bed). I was thankful though to get some sleep and that I wasn't kicked all night. The whole gas blame was hilarious. My son cracks me up.....what a stinker.

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