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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Great Farm/Fun Waterpark/Loudoun Fun Bounce

Last week my son turned three. As I have done in every birthday past, I took the day off to spend with him. Since his birthday fell on a Thursday, I decided to make a long weekend full of birthday fun and boy did we have a great time! I won't go into the niddy griddy of every birthday festivity, but I wanted to share a few great things we did to celebrate his birthday that would be fun to do with your own children just in case you haven't heard about it.

On Thursday last week my son and I headed off to Great Country Farm. It was a rather warm day, but man oh man there was plenty of things to do! The admission price isn't so bad and if you are a frequent visitor ( if you live close enough I totally would take up the offer) you could get a Fan of the Farm pass, which essentially is a seasons pass. There were hay rides, produce you could pick on your own (this time of year there was blackberries, peaches and apricots), a outdoor moon bounce, animals to feed, and a couple of nice play areas. My son loves play houses right now and loved nothing more then go from house to house as there were several of them! We didn't get to see everything but I was later told there is a corn bin and some really big slides. Both my son and I were completely pooped after that. I recommend bringing a change of clothes for your kid and even perhaps for you...we were also quite dirty, but dirty in my book equals lots of fun!!!

The following day we headed out to day 2 of our birthday extravaganza to Volcano Island Waterpark. The admission to the water park was not bad and it was perfect for young kids to play in. If you are a large water park enthusiast, this place is not for you. There are three separate areas, a 1 1/2 foot play area that has various buckets that dump water and a small kiddo slide. The second play area is not a pool, but more of a fountain play area for kids that may be a little timid to get into a pool. The third play area is a large pool that has a nice ramp (my son LOVED walking up and down the ramp), has a slide in a shallow area, another slide in a four foot deep area and then two nice size tube slides at the far end of the pool. The pool was clean and the snack bar was decent enough for a pool side lunch or snack. I will certainly be returning there again!

Lastly, and this is something to plan ahead, we had my son's third birthday party with all his friends and family at the Loudoun Fun Bounce. The price again was reasonable once you add up how much it actually costs to have a kid birthday party. They provide things like juice, plates, napkins, invitations, and a few various items. However, it was nice to have some extra plates and cups. I would also highly recommend bringing bottled water, something I accidentally forgot. I believe every kid had a good time and I think most of the adults did too!

If you have any great places or things to do with your kids please share!!!!

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