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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


While I like staying at home a lot of times, especially during big
winter storms, I am a person usually on the move during the weekends.
Ask my husband how much of a motor butt I am and feel the NEED to get
out of the house. Of course its nice staying home from time to time
and hardly do anything, but those times are rare. I also find myself
wanting to move and if it wasn't for being so close with each of our
parents, I think we would...given the opportunity.

Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike this town or the rush, rush of
everything. I obviously wish there was less traffic, less rush, but
there are nice perks like seeing live hockey games, endless stores to
shop at and museums right around the corner. I just feel the need to
explore and often feel at home at places in places I have
never lived at or even been to. It just feels right. I am not saying
I want to hunker down in another town for the rest of my life and feel
settled. I may just want to live there enough to throw myself into
culture of where ever I am at. I swear if I didn't know my family history so
well, I would swear I had gypsy blood, but I don't. They fascinate me

Two random places I currently want to LIVE (yes live not travel to) is
Miami and Moscow. Random and totally opposite right? Miami is a
frequent vacation spot for my husband and I. He lived there before he
immigrated to the United States and we love it. We almost did move
there, but life happened and we didn't. Its still on our minds though.
We love that like the NOVA area you can be as busy as you want or as
laid back as you like (if you lived a little further out). The main
draw is the warm, beautiful weather and the gorgeous beaches. I also
LOVE palm trees. Nothing comforts me more then seeing
palm trees sway softly in a ocean breeze. Miami just fits with me.

I also would love to live in Russia for a while. I am not set on
living in Moscow, but living in a city rich with historical events and
a culture would be pretty cool. My new favorite blog American Girls
In Moscow
is just fascinating to me. Having two Americans girls
growing up in Moscow, learning their culture and the HUGE differences
in what Americans life vs. Russians life is very interesting to me.
For example something as simple as car bumper stickers is a huge
cultural thing. In Russia, bumper stickers are rare and the author
wrote how Russians visiting the US would have a little culture shock
seeing cars with "my kid is an honor roll at...." or "University of
...." or even political bumper stickers. It just isn't a thing that
Russians do. Maybe thats why my husband is against them? : ) Don't
get me wrong though, I don't want to live in Russia for the rest of my
life, I just want to experience it for a while. I want more then a
vacation there.

I was raised to appreciate culture and maybe thats my draw to living
and exploring other places. Although I have seen and done a lot, my
husband has seen and done so much as well. Think about this, he is
the only peer that I know that immigrated to the United States. He
has lived in a communist socialist country for most his childhood and
immigrated to the country as a pre-teen. He then learned a WHOLE other
culture in the way of doing things (even as small as totally different
food), plus another language and because he moved to Miami he got to
be pretty fluent in Spanish as well. I am amazed by that and feel
proud of the strength, courage that it took for him and his family to
get immersed in culture. I just have desire to do the same. I want to
learn. I am not afraid of new cultures or discovering new things that
I think many people just want to stick to their old ways of doing
things or what feels completely comfortable to them. I want to learn and the best way you can learn is by living.

If you could move ANYWHERE, even just temporary, where would you go?

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Mrs. Knowledge said...

I would love to move to New Zealand - probably the southern tip of North Island. Not that I've thought about it much. HAHA. Just look back at my April Fools post to see how gung ho I am about it! I don't think my husband would go with me though, but my mom would and one of my very good friends.