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Friday, January 30, 2009

Great Finds

Rated: A-

I have another great find for parents that use formula! This was a must have when my baby was still drinking formula from the bottle and it allowed me to easily go out and about without carting any extras. It is dishwasher safe and has three divided sections that can hold enough formula for an 8 oz. bottle. You can also take out the divided section when your child is older and use it for a snack container or keep the three sections in to divide smaller snacks. Its was probably my most useful and most used buy. I give it an A- only because although it is really durable, I broke at least two. I broke one when it fell off the kitchen counter to the tile floor and the other when I threw it down from the upstairs to the downstairs and my husband missed it. I really don't fault the product for the second time it broke though.

For a little back story on this item and why I am telling you all about it:

My sister and I had our children close in age and I remember on our first outings with our newborns. I remember seeing her wide eyed as I popped out the formula dispenser (shown above) with a pre-filled bottle of water. She never saw it and thought it was great. Beforehand, she would cart an extra bag that was basically a cooler with pre-made formula that she would have to warm up with warm water. It was problematic for her to go out (thus she really didn't want to go anywhere) AND it was a pain warming it up under hot water while your baby is hungry. So when she did see this formula dispenser and how easy it was, we went out the same day and purchased one for her. Because of this story, this is why I tell all Moms about this contraption.


Mama said...

Awesome... who makes it and where can I buy it? I am going to add it to all my shower gifts for new mommys!

NOVAParenting said...

Sorry for the delay in response. I first saw it online but you can buy them in the Babies R Us store by the bottles/pacifier section.