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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

History of Sleds

I was an inquisitive child in my younger years and always asked why this or why that. I am sure I educated my parents plenty when they had to look some of my questions up. However, if you kid asks you why were sleds created. You will know!

Toboggans were the first form of sleds (according to my research) and were first used by the indigenous tribes Cree, Innu and Anishinabe of North America. Sleds were not used as recreation, but more for survival in making heavy loads easy transportable. The term toboggan stems from the Anishinabe word nobugidaban.

Sleds were later introduced around the 1800's and would transport people. The difference of the sled vs. the toboggans were by sleds having longer and more narrow runners. Over the years sleds have evolved to be more of a recreational item for children and adults around the world during winter season snowfalls.

Early Toboggans

Horse Drawn Sled in Early 1800s

1900 Sled During Victorian Era
1930 Sled
1960 Saucer Sled
Sleds of Today

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