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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Let It....uh...Snow?

Today the DC Metro area meteorologist were right when they said we would have the first real snow fall of the 08-09 winter season. Its actually sticking so I have to agree. I also had my husband drive me into work because I will admitting say, I am a wuss when it comes to driving in the snow. Everyone has their quirks about what they are afraid of like heights, bugs, etc., My quirk is driving in snow. So instead of having a panic attack on the Dulles Toll Road and causing a traffic jam, I did everyone a favor today and batted my eyes at my husband so he would drive me in. You are very welcome. I used to love snow. Love everything about it. When did I get so old that I don't really care for snow anymore? When did it stop becoming more fun and more of a hassle? Sure there are some of you that love it, but do you have to commute in to work or not worry about loved ones on the road?

If it was twenty years ago (man that is a lot of years), I would be sitting at home in front of the television watching cartoons, wearing my snow pants and boots waiting for my Mom to let me outside so I could sled. I remember one "snow day" when I lived in North Carolina when schools were canceled on the possibility we would have snow that never came, and I sat for hours with snow pants on while the weather warmed up to a modest 50 degrees. I was bummed. I loved snow. My parents were great about their kids love of snow. I remember them trying to pile on snow to their very hilly sidewalk that lead from the front door to the drive way so my sister and I could sled on it. I remember from time to time they would get their fun in too and confiscate our sleds for a couple of turns as well. Snow when I was a child meant that there were no school days, more fun outside and hot coco stuffed with marshmallows.

Now as I look outside, biting my nails (I need to stop that bad habit), I hope like heck that my husband and I will return home in tack so that my child isn't an orphan. I worry about things like that you know. I look at snow in a different perspective. Perhaps its the very close encounters I had when I first started to drive in it in my early days of college after getting into five accidents (I was a rider not a driver) my senior year that sent me to the hospital on one occasion. I am afraid to get into accidents. On a normal day I drive just fine. I can merge onto the highway without going 20mph and and I let people in because I still got those southern roots and not 100% a typical Northern Virginia driver. Its just when that "S" word comes around, I don't have as much control and therefore I throw the towel in on driving. However, if I don't have to go any where or my family does not have to go out, then I am a perfectly sane individual. I love staying warm and cozy inside the house watching the snow fall. Its quite pretty when I take a moment to appreciate the beauty of it.

In all snow just means different things to me now. I am not an old sour puss and will enjoy it with my kiddo if he is up to it. We shall see. I will say, if you live in the Metro area or are affected by the snow, I hope each of you and your families have a safe journey home today and make sure you take some time to go outside and play with those kiddos. They'll remember it.

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