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Thursday, January 29, 2009

PBS Sprout

While I don't let my toddler watch a lot of television, we will turn on the TV each morning (when I am not busy trying to get out the door for work), so he can have his time to hear the television in the morning and watch his favorite shows. When I first started looking for something for my son to watch in earlier months, I honestly skipped through a lot of programming on the Guide menu because I wanted my son to watch things that are age appropriate. I finally decided that whatever channel Sesame Street comes on, will be the one he watches. I admit I am a little biased because I watched Sesame Street as a little one and it was my favorite show.

I have come to find a new love for PBS Sprout. I love everything about that channel because it is age appropriate, has my favorite show that is now also my son's favorite show and I love the contents of the shows. On another channel they had some show called Grossology. Now I will admittingly say and immaturely say that farting and burping is funny to me as long as it isn't during church or another very inappropriate time. I just didn't think (for now) that I wanted my son exposed to that world of boogers, gas, and whatever else appears on that television show. While it may be fine for some, I think we'll stick to Sesame Street and my beloved PBS Sprout for a while.

What shows do you enjoy watching with your kids?

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