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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Simple Things

When I had my son, I knew that I would love him, love being a parent and relish in the moments of seeing him grow. What I never expected was to be so humbled by his existence, become more spiritual because of the miracle that he is (all children are miracles), become closer to family and appreciate the more simple things in life.

My son is "all boy". He has an unprecedented amount of energy, tumbles and wrestles laughing hysterically and loves getting into things. I don't nor will I ever consider him to be a handful. Sure there are days when I wish he would just sit and just be, but he is a kid and he is a boy. It just surprises me what he does some days that are completely out of the blue.

Yesterday was an ice/snow day, so the family stayed in to keep themselves safe. As I do every day, I play with my son and took an opportunity to talk to him about the snow outside. He has no memory of seeing snow before so he was obviously curious about all that white stuff outside. While talking to him, I couldn't resist kissing him on his little rosy cheek as he looked innocently outside in curiosity. He in turn let out a little giggle, smiled and then kissed me on my cheek with the sound effects of a big smooch and then looked at me with another smile. It filled my heart with joy and it took me by surprise. My son has never kissed anyone without someone asking him to kiss them before. He did it because he wanted to.

That my friend is the simple things I am talking about. The things that you appreciate that are so little but so huge to a parent. Getting a simple kiss without asking just because. It just goes to show (for me) that its another indication that I am doing the right things. My son knows that kisses from Mommy are out of love and affection and he wanted to return the same to his Mom. God bless that little guy.

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