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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Are You Scared?

I thought when I became an adult that everything would change. It has for the most part. I manage bills, care for a toddler and work with my husband as team (God I love that man). I just thought that someday that I would magically like to drink endless amounts of coffee, love the taste of wine and not have scared irrational feelings when I became an adult. However, I still can't stand coffee (or really the smell of it for that matter). Wine to me is one of the nastiest beverages ever and I have silly spurts when I get scared of things.

Last night as I was trying to drift off to sleep, I swore I heard what sounded like a 12 piece jazz/swing band playing. Thumpty thump, thumpty thump with an occasional sound of brass instruments hitting a good beat. I checked to see if I saw the light from the television beaming up from the downstairs, but it was off. Our house was pitch black. Both my husband and my phones were turned off and we have no radio to speak of in our house. The noise wasn't coming from a car stereo outside, so what the heck? I asked my sleepy sick husband if he heard anything. He is the first to hear any sort of noise and told me no. Okay, then I must be going crazy because I hear a band playing. After ten minutes of thinking I was OUT of my mind, my sleepy husband told me that he now heard the noise but it was so distant that he doesn't know why its bothering me and promptly went back to sleep. Then my imagination got the best of me.

Was there some crazy man in the attic hanging out listening to music? Was there some ghost messing with my head? I mean come on band music on at 11 o'clock at night? I don't have old neighbors and on either side of me they have relatively young kids so they wouldn't be blasting music at such a late hour anyways. So I did what any scared human being would do, I put a pillow over my head to drown out the noise and snuggled next to my husband. He'd protect me if anything started happening or at least I'd be able to be close enough to hit him to wake up so he could.

I know it all sounds silly. I rationalize that nothing is coming out to get me. When I feel irrational I pray and snuggle into my husbands for protection. Nothing wrong with that right? So I ask you, what do you get scared of?

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