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Friday, August 14, 2009

Inconsiderate and Rude

There are things that just annoy me when I am out and about in the world either by myself or with my family. I wonder why people have this "entitlement" to themselves where they feel they are most important and the people around them aren't. Perhaps its the area I live but seriously what gives?

I don't understand

...why people won't hold the elevator for you when they see you coming.

...why people can make off color statements and not expect to get a reaction.

...why more and more Moms or just bitchy people use their shopping carts as a tool to push people out of there way.

...why people pick their nose or scratch their balls in meetings. Do you think we don't see you?

...why some people think that heating some nasty smelling food isn't going to impact an office area. Don't heat up fish, sour krout, and whatever else smells like butt.

...why some people think they know more about your kid then you do.

...why some people think just because they knew you when you were young that you still have the same mind capacity when you're an adult.

...why people try to throw other people under the bus for no apparent reason.

...why people don't apologize when they have done something wrong. It makes a difference!

...why people think they can preach the word but not abide by their own faith.

...why people can still be so prejudice against a last name. I guess you have an issue with jews?

...why people aren't genuinely honest but know how to tone it in the correct manner.

...why people don't ask more if they can help when you've always helped them.

...why people don't hold doors for someone, especially when you need them too.

...why bike riders HAVE to ride on the road. They slow up traffic and its annoying. There's a path nearby.

...when people make comments that what you eat is fattening. Yes its happened and I was eating reduced fat Wheat Thins...

...why people categorize a person because of their culture and talk badly about it when they know so little about it. Educate yourself. You may be surprised.

I've said it. ITs things that just annoy me or I think are just plain rude and inconsiderate.

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