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Monday, August 17, 2009

Packing...everything BUT the kitchen sink

Soon my family and I will be heading out for our summer vacation. I have ONE child and yet my list is a mile long of things that I need to do before the vacation and things to bring with me on our vacation. I remember when my husband and I could each pack a small suitcase for a ten day vacation, and hit the road at whatever hour, but that is now a distant memory.

Perhaps some of you are not list makers, but I am. That has been pretty clear throughout this blog as I write lists for practically anything. When I became a Mom, the list making thing came in full swing. I do it more or less out of necessity because I will forget things. I am a Mom that is tired the majority of the time and has about a billion things running through my head all day and everyday. Forgetting something is quite easy for me in this day in age if it is not written down.

Perhaps this may bore you or interest you, but seriously...this is my list and yes I check each one off as it is completed.

Before we leave:
~Take all garbage out of the house (empty all trashcans)
~Take the diaper pail garbage out of the house
~Take the dogs to my parent (cages and pills)
~Pick up the mail (we do this once a week if not less)
~Look around for crumbs/trash around the house that would attract bugs and remove.
~Do a quick vacuum of house (in case didn’t see crumbs)
~Make sure all dishes are washed
~Tidy up the house for a nice return home (my husband and I both love a clean home to return to)

Son's List:
~ Dozen outfits
~ Jacket
~ Long Pants
~ Two PJs (one additional warm one)
~ Swim trunks
~ Little Swimmer diapers
~ Beach Towel
~ Johnson’s shampoo
~ Infant Motrin
~ Hair Brush
~ Bottle cleaner
~ Soap for sippy cups
~ Sippy Cups (three)
~ Snacks
~ Bibs
~ Travel booster seat
~ Pack and Play
~ Extra sheet
~ Two blankets
~ Diapers
~ Extra Wipes
~ Sun Hat
~ Diaper Bag
~ Back pack (for Beach)
~ Sunscreen (face and body)
~ Umbrella Stroller
~ Ride on Toy
~ Grover doll for comfort
~ Books
~ Small cars
~ Ball
~ Bucket/shovel (for the beach)
~ sunglasses

Family List:
~ Two beach towels
~ Large Beach Towel
~ Husband's swim suit
~ My swim suit
~ Jacket for me
~ Jacket for husband (or something warm)
~ Long pants for both
~ First Aid Kit (Band Aids/Neosporin)
~ Tweezers
~ Small Scissors (somehow I always use them)
~ Skin So Soft (best bug repellent ever)
~ Shampoo/Conditioner
~ Body soap
~ Wash sponge thingy
~ 8 outfits for husband
~ 8 outfits for me
~ Sleepwear for me (lounge pants and shirt)
~ Trash bag for Dirty clothes
~ Sunscreen
~ My Make up
~ Extra contacts
~ Contact Solution
~ Sunglasses for both
~ My wallet or at least ID.
~ Advil
~ Laptop
~ Laptop charger
~ Camera
~ Snack stuff for us
~ Soda for car ride
~ Small Cooler
~ Thermos
~ Sandals (for both) maybe two pair
~ Tennis shoes (for both)
~ Socks
~ Underwear (yes I could forget)
~ Bra
~ Extra razor blade
~ Tooth brush
~ Tooth paste
~ Q-Tips
~ Hair Ties (obviously for me)
~ Brush
~ Deodorant (for both)
~ Extra blanket (I always get cold)
~ Vapor Rub
~ Aloe
~ USB Camera Cable
~ Camera Battery charger
~ Tampons (lets hope not but watch it will show up)
~ Cell phone charger

Even after all of that. I wonder if I forgotten something or if I could of remembered something that would of made this or that easier for us. I think I have mostly everything covered, but seriously...I am glad I have a large car that fits all of this stuff. I just can't not wait till vacation : ) At least this lists will cut down a tad...after I'm packed and ready to go. : )

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