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Monday, August 17, 2009


For all you Northern Virgina savy Moms, I have found a great place for you!

Little Lords and Ladies located in Chantilly, Virginia is one of the most fantastic consignment shops I have ever been to and I have been to my share of consignment shops. The scale of the shop is rather large as it has a section for new items (with tags) and a section for second hand items such as clothing, shoes, toys, and other various items. The store is also divided by boy clothes and girl clothes. The girl clothing section is almost overwhelming with racks up on racks divided by size (this a good thing) but it also has a fair share of boys clothing divided by size, which for me is awesome! Another great thing about this place it has a nice play area for smaller kids that is gated off so while you do some quick shopping (keeping one eye on the racks and one eye on your kids), your kid isn't completely bored with store. From what I can also tell, is this is also a family run shop and the staff there is very courteous.

This weekend I was able to walk away with over half my child's fall wardrobe. We got Janie and Jack items, Gymboree items and even a Burberry t-shirt for my little guy. I also found a nice winter jacket that looks barely worn for $5 and its probably worth nearly $50 brand new.

Its a definably a must see and saves a pretty penny!

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