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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Haves and Have Nots

I decided for an interesting and fun post today. I need some amusement while I am feeling out of sorts. Thanks to BU who inspired me on this one and to BB11 who inspired the title of this post.

20 Things I Have Never Done

1)I have never had a cavity.
2)I have never drank a cup of coffee (nor do I want to).
3)I have never tried a big mac.
4)I have never been inside The Monument or The Statue of Liberty.
5)I have never swam in the Amazon and after seeing the Oprah show with Dr. Oz and the "pee fish"... I never will because thats just nasty.
6)I have never tried Tabasco sauce.
7)I have never eaten a pickle.
8)I have never been hunting nor do I really want to. I would just feel bad.
9)I have never played with a Nintendo 64.
10) I have never read some of the classics like The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn or Robinson Crusoe.
11) I have never lived in more then three cities.
12) I have never like green peppers until I was pregnant and I still like them.
13) I have never liked mushrooms until my husband made them for me and now love them.
14) I have never saved a life.
15) I have never watched the sunrise (really watch it).
16) I have never eaten a pistachio but have sucked off the salt from the shells.
17) I have never purchased a cell phone or paid (well sort of) for a plan. My parents or husband always had.
18) I have never done my taxes. It has always been done for me.
19) I have never lived alone nor do I want to.
20) I have never fallen asleep without first thinking for a moment about the people I love.

20 Things I Have

1) I have had a knife pulled to my neck.
2) I have had a gun pointed at my head.
3) I have almost drowned and would have if my Dad and two other men didn't save me.
4) I have flown in a black hawk helicopter (w/ the doors opened)yet never been in the military.
5) I have gotten a nomination when I was in high school to attend West Point but didn't.
6) I have rapelled down a 100ft tower even with my fears of heights.
7) I have been ridiculed and/or had people prejudice against me because of my last name.
8) I have seen the KKK. (No I am not a member).
9) I have had a herd of cows run through my yard and never lived on or really near a farm.
10)I have memories of being inside my crib as a child.
11)I have rode in a car that had three flat tires in one night.
12)I have seen evil.
13)I have accidentally walked inside a mens bathroom, use the bathroom and then have a group of Hungarian men escort me out.
14)I have marched in a protest.
15)I have almost been trampled during a riot.
16)I have had a toboggan ride on the alps in Austria.
17) I have been to the Rock N'Roll hall of fame.
18) I have been to four other countries besides the USA.
19) I have enjoyed a fantastic authentic Louisiana Mardi Gras feast complete with crawfish.
20) I have been to the oldest building in the Western Hemisphere.

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