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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Creative Edible Ideas To Try

After my sister made some insanely, delicious Smore Brownies for the block party at my parents last weekend, she inspired me to look at some other online fun things to make/eat that I and/or my son would love. I came across several fun ideas and I thought I'd share them with you all and maybe you too may have some cool ideas to pass along.

The first idea is the food marker. I ran across a blog that briefly mentioned it but I couldn't help but stumble on the line "food markers". Um what? NEVER heard of them....never saw them. Maybe this is not a new thing to you, but I'm kind of giddy about trying them. You can do a million things with them from making cute designs on sandwiches for school (before it embarrasses them), put some pizazz (I love that word) on cookies as shown below, finish off details on a cake or even make it into a fun edible art craft for the kids to do themselves.

Another fun idea I ran across was by Gourmet Mom On The Go, who blogged about making edible crayons she makes with her family by using some free print out labels, white chocolate, food coloring and medium size pretzel sticks. Don't the crayons look like a fun project for a back to school theme or for a family themed fun night? This Mom certainly has a creative edge and I love her ideas. Certainly scroll through her blog for some pretty awesomely creative ideas!

Finally (at least on this blog post), I am really itching to make individual pies in a jar. Our Best Bites really hit the nail on the head for making easy, but quick pies for families or for fun give aways. Essentially by using canning jars (not regular jars because they can't withstand oven temperatures), you can make little pies in these jars of your choosing, cut out a fun, easy pie top you have your pie. If you have a family of two and the recipe calls for six pies, you can easily freeze the other four pies by just putting the canning tops back on and placing it in your freezer until a later day. You could also make a fun label and use them as giveaways for friends, co-workers, teachers or family. Its unique and homemade goods like this is always appreciated. Don't they look yummy?

Do you have any great ideas to pass along that you've made or have come across on your "to do" list to make?

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